This package is best for you if:

  • You’re in transition due to career, weight, or personal preference.

  • You have tons of clothes but wear only a few pieces regularly.

  • You haven’t updated your clothes in a few years.

The Process

  1. Questionnaire

    Prior to the consultation you will be sent a questionnaire. Information gathered includes your measurements, complexion, allergies & religious restrictions, style preferences, and more.

  2. Consultation (1-Hour)

    We will meet in-person or virtually to discuss your needs and results of your questionnaire.

  3. Closet Assessment (3-Hours)

    After determining what your problem areas are, we will take a detailed assessment of your closet. Depending on your personality this step can be unsettling. We’ll be practical about which items should stay or be purged, what items pair well together, and discuss what changes should be made to better organize your wardrobe.

  4. Shopping Trip (3-Hours)

    Lastly, based on your style, body type, and budget we’ll visit 2-3 stores. I’ll shop with you to fill in gaps from what was purged from your wardrobe and what would pair well with what you have at home.