Do you have unworn or worn out pieces in your closet? I’m here to help! With the Wardrobe Refresh package, I’ll work with you to develop a beautiful everyday wardrobe that will never get bored.

What’s included:

• 1-Hour Consultation

• Style Questionnaire

• In-Home Closet Analysis

• Closet Purge

• Style Suggestions


Everyone could use a hand with finding the right outfits. Whether is a speaking engagement, vacation or everyday wear, I’ll help you pick the look that fits you best.

What’s included:

• 1-Hour Consultation


Choosing an experienced stylist for a photoshoot or film can be pretty time consuming. Fortunately, I’m the girl for the job! Celebrity clients have worked with me for photoshoots as well as to meet their personal needs. And I’m no stranger to fashion history either! Let’s work together to bring your vision to life!

What’s included:

• 1-Hour Consultation

• Review of Project in Detail

• Measurement of Talent/Client

• Project Wardrobe Proposal

• Shopping for Project Wardrobe

• On-set Styling for Duration of Project