Uncomfortable Growth


About a year ago I found myself standing inside a church and the pastor giving me a direct message. He said to me “Marcy you have a giving heart, and because of that you will be able to connect with so many people, and help young girls struggling with life issue. God see’s that you are not after the money”

I got away from that message, and started focusing on numbers, algorithms, outfits and pictures.  This only led to me becoming frustrated with how my blog was going.  I felt as though I needed  to do more. For me posting outfits just isn’t enough. My calling is much bigger than what I am wearing.  I am uncomfortable operating in a limted space. Then “remember the message” popped into my head. 

This is what led to me venting on Social Media last week.  You know, when I publicly proclaimed that my social media platforms would be a place of self reflection and self care.  That I would no longer be posting about what brand of clothing I was wearing. But, more about how I felt and why I put my best foot forward. Hopefully, the people who are here for that message stick around and others move on to find a better home more suitable to their needs. 

What’s crazy is that as soon as I made that declaration, God began releasing my blessings. As if he was waiting for me to see what he has always seen in me. And get this, the opportunities were bigger than what I dreamt of doing, but still in line with my message of body positivity, self love, and self care. It feels better to chase after happiness and not a check. It’s took me a while to understand that, but I finally got it! 

Be blessed.