What I Wore to See Black Panther

I‘ve been waiting on the movie Black Panther to be released in theaters ever since the cast and directed was announced. I know how I am not the only one, especially looking at these box office numbers. According to Forbes Black Panther made  $75.8 million opening day, and will likely earn $175-$185m Fri-Sun weekend and a $205-$215m if you include Monday potential sales. 


If you are like me you have been living for all of the ig post capturing the outfits that our people are wearing to see the film.  I decided to put my own little spin on the movement. Instead of the African prints, I went with an Black Revolutionary vibe with this dress from Fashion Nova’ s Curve and these boots from Aldo. Because, isn’t that sorta what’s happening now? 


I personally, that we are being unapologetically Black. We are showing the world how we as a people will show up and show out (as of Uncles and Aunties would say) if need be. We have been openly enbracing our blackness, and I am loving it. Yes, we as black people are Reclaiming Our Time. 


Let this be a true testament to the power of numbers, and what could happen when we really decide to stick together.