Evening at the Museum


Let me start by first telling you how big a fan I am of history and fashion, when the two are combined I am in absolute heaven. Last week I recieved an invite to the Cleveland Museum Of Art's Media Day Event for the Jazz Age Exhibit. Media Day allows influencer, bloggers, writers to come out and check out the exhibit before it opens to the public on September 30th. This was my first invitation to one of these events, so you can imagine how excited I became. 


The event had an open bar, but that of course wasn't the best part, not even close. To me, the best part was walking into the exhibit, and feeling like I was taking a step back into time. You know, where life was a little bit slower, and people had time to love and appreciate their surroundings. I would always hear my grandmother telling tales about what it was like growing up on the Roaring 20's, and I could remember wishing I had a chance to experience it. Well last night I did! 


The vibe of the 1920s was the ever so present Asia theme that ran through the exhibit. You could definitely tell that designers of that era were heavily influenced by China and Japan, with some Egyptian and African inspiration sprinkled here and there. 


The exhibit showcased American Style from the 1920s to around the early 1930s. Everything was amazing, from the vintage dresses, to the head pieces, and furniture. You can definitely tell from the exhibit that it was a time when people took pride in the craftsmanship of their work. Every piece took time to put together. Everything appeared to be made with love. Very opposite of what we see today with everything being mass-produced. 


I will highly recommend that if you are a lover of history and fashion, like myself, that you go and check see this exhibit. You won't be let down.  


At this time I would like to extend a thank you to the Cleveland Museum of Art for the invite.