Bossin' Up in 2017


Was 2016 as draining for you as it was for me? I was overwhelmed by people and my business because I let thing linger versus nipping them in the bud.


I am an expert at avoiding conflict. However doing so landed me in dead-end relationships. Exhibit 1: an awkward ass, draining decade-long friendship that should have ended after the first date. Exhibit 2: leading on a dude who wanted to cheat on his girl with me because I didn't know how to say "You're a creep who needs his balls cut off."


In 2016, life came to a head and I was an emotional wreck. I complained to my sister:  "It's 2016 why do dudes keep coming to me on trash? You have 'Mr. I Just Want to be Friends But Question and  Spend Time with You Like You are My Girl' and 'Mr. My Girl Won't Know.'"


My sister's reply: "You need to boss up. Tell people how you feel. Stop worrying about whether or not you hurt their feelings. Demand people respect you." She was absolutely right. My fear of being "the bad guy" turned my emotional life into a festering pool of What the F**k. I had to get over it and cut people off.


When Mr. My Girl Won't Know asked what time we were meeting for our secret rendezvous, I replied: "Sorry. I respect your girl's position too much. One day I want to be someone's girl and karma is a bitch."


And when Mr. I Just Want to be Friends text me, I replied: "I ended this draining toxic 'friendship.' Please respect my space." Both men were shocked at my boldness, but they respected it.


Now that I know the respect that comes with speaking up,  I am on a Boss Up Marathon. I made bolder moves on my job that bosses noticed and will make some boss moves on my blog. Stay tuned.


What boss moves have you made in 2017??