A Conversation about my Breast


A few weeks ago I attended the Flying Farms Annual Charity event hosted by Abercrombie and Fitch in Columbus.

Towards the end of the event, after the drinks started to flow, the food had been served, I found myself alone at a table watching the live band play. I was approached by a woman, and before I knew it we were engaged in a very deep conversation about my breast.

Ok, now I know what you are thinking, but it was nothing like that. Turns out she is Patty Beigal the Senior VP of the International Division of Victoria Secret. See, totally legit!

The topic of my breast came up in the conversation after she asked me if I shopped at Victoria Secret and my response was "Nope!". She asked "why?".

Now this is where all of you popped into my mind, and I had to speak on behalf of you. So, I cleared my throat and voiced my opinion, and I'm assuming some of yours as well. I told her when its time for me to go bra shopping I tend to go to the first place that pop into my head: Torrid, Lane Bryant, and a Department store. I do not bother with looking in Victoria Secrets, because your stores does not cater to plus size women. I don't know why, its seems like you would want to cater to that market, you know because of the whole plus size movement.

Patty's response to me was, and I am paraphrasing here "we do cater to the plus size women, you might not know that, but we do. We are trying our best to pull in those plus size shoppers. We even offer free bras to mothers on Mother's Day."

Because I do not shop at Victoria Secrets. I had to go home and do a little more research. I dug deep, and by digging deep I mean I pulled up their website and search under "Bras"lol.

Here are my findings, the largest bra that Victoria Secret offers is a 38 DDD. Yes, this is considered plus size, but what about me? The 44 DDD girls! We plus size girls would like to look sexy. We plus girls want to go skipping done the mall corridor swinging our pink Victoria Secrets bags. Please try harder to cater to us.

I don't know what made her wander over to my table, but hopelly my voice was heard, and later she will wander across this post, and take notice. Hopefully this doesn't just fall on deaf ears. So maybe one day in the near future I will be sitting at a table alone, and sale rep from Victoria Secrets wonders up to my table. And when asked the question "Do you shop at Victoria Secrets?" My answer will be "Why yes I do!"