What's Your Fresh?? Featuring DeShawn A.

Style Spotlight: Deshawn

Occupation: TV Director 

Location: Palm Springs, CA


The Undercover Fashionista: So DeShawn, what kind of fit makes you feel good?

Deshawn: Comfort makes me feel good..When I am able to turn comfortable clothes into a fashion paradise, I won. 

The Undercover Fashionista: describe your perfect outfit 

Deshawn: Nice fresh fedora, a pair of distressed jeans, white v-neck, and some exclusive vans.

The Undercover Fashionista: Oh I see you, true Cali Style, I like. Well I'll let you take it from here, and describe to our readers what you are wearing in the pictures below, where you wore them to to and motivation behind your choices

Whats sup everybody.. This 1st look I was inspired by the city of Miami.. White, slim pants from HandM with a mint button-down.. And i went sock less to really get that Miami vibe type feel with the tan loafers made by Stacee Adams..

2016-01-11 08.15.48.jpg

This was a rushed birthday pic of mine.. Slim faded washed blue jeans.. And strawberry denim blazer and some very unique Jeremy Scott Adidas. And to top off this fit was my favorite blue berry fedora hat... With a simple white v-neck tee.. I went for the 'its my birthday, I can dress myself if I wanna'  look.

2016-01-11 08.36.57.png

Went to a wedding. They said you don't suppose to out dress the bride and groom... Welp.. Mybad lol...  Royal blue Chino pants with a checkered button down and the blue berry fedora again making the outfit swaggerific... Shoes was peanut butter loafers..

2016-01-11 09.16.21.png
2016-01-11 08.37.36.png

Christmas party 2014 2 years ago.. The infamous blazer... Its a Paisley, turquoise and brown blazer.. My aunt got it for me for a birthday gift... SWAGGIN! white distressed jeans and brown dress shoes.. Enough SAID LOL

2016-01-11 09.22.05.png

Well there you go guys, Deshawn, one of the flyest guys I know explaining his "Fresh" - Simple, Grown, and Sleek.

Stay tune for next months style spotlight.