What's Your Fresh Robyn Louis from the Blog The Skinny Black Girl??

My Style: Robyn Louis of theskinnyblackgirl.com


I was five years old when En Vogue dropped the video to their debut single, “Hold On” and shaped what would become my adult style. Womanhood was a little black dress, black pumps, and a bold red lip. I couldn’t wait to grow up.


At thirty-two, I still aim for En Vogue when dressing for a night out. Little Black Dress. Black pumps. Red lips. Other influences have crept in over the years that inform my day-to-day style: Toni Braxton’s short hair (which I made my signature cut this year); the French approach to building on basics (black, white, navy, grey, stripes, the occasional “pop” of color); and a hint of tomboy (I live for a white T-shirt and a good pair of Nikes).


One of my mantras is “I hate stuff.” Clutter drives me insane; as does having too many options. I started researching minimalism two years ago and was fascinated with the idea of a wardrobe I wouldn’t have to think about. I worried initially about looking “plain” or “boring,” but I realized I have a pretty big personality and adopting a simple, signature look allows that personality to shine through. While my clothes are pretty basic, I play around with textured and patterned stockings and tights. I also love the occasional ruby red or cobalt blue dress when I want to turn heads.


My go-to outfit? I’m a fan of the blazer, white T-shirt, and leggings combination.


My dream piece? A white cashmere winter coat. 

Robyn Louis is a thirtysomething blogger hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. An MFA dropout, writer by calling and a wise ass by craft, she posts her tales, interests, and observations on her award-winning personal blog, The Skinny Black Girl.