What I Am Here For...

I felt the need to address the following. My apologies if it sounds repetitive.

The other day, I came across a video on Facebook of a woman discussing "fat shaming". I clicked on it, thinking the video had a positive message. Wrong. What I saw was hate. To sum it up, she said it’s not okay to be fat. She went on to say more hurtful things, that I may discuss in another blog, but for now I want to focus on "it’s not ok to be fat.”

When I heard her say "it’s not ok to be fat" I thought about the message of this blog and felt led to explain what I’m about as "a plus size blogger."

This blog was created to help inspire, encourage, and motivate people to accept themselves as they are right now, while they work to become who they aspire to be. I do so by showing you my journey. The one thing I am learning to accept so I can change is my body. A body that happens to be obese at the present time.

I do not “promote obesity.” However, it is always okay embrace and adorn yourself as you are--no matter where you are in your life or health journey. 

What is this blog promoting? Love; it’s just that simple. Love yourself, so you can love others; whether you are a size 2 or a size 22. 

Until next time, stay fly.