Shop Your Closet


“I have nothing to wear" is probably the most common phrase uttered by men and women. This phrase transcends generations, gender, race, and social classes. It’s usually followed by the person staring at their closet as if their clothes have failed them horribly. Then comes a complete loss of hope and the inevitable trip to the mall

I’ve played the “nothing to wear” game on many occasions, but recently one of my wise friends overheard me and replied "take a look at your closet, but do it with the mindset that you have absolutely no money to buy new clothes, and watch the ideas you come up with.” Of course I walked away thinking "She has no clue what she is talking about. This will never work.” However, she was correct. As I stood there ideas started to flow and I began thinking “this can go with that, that can go with this.” In no time I HAD SOMETHING TO WEAR.

So I have decided to make a segment for the blog called "Shop Your Closet" and I hope you will join me. We can look at our closets in a new way, and also give me a chance to interact with you guys. If you are like me, you don't have a ton of money to spend on clothes, but still you want to look nice.

Here's how it works: I will post looks I have put together using the items in my closet (I will not go out and purchase anything new for this segment to complete the look). I will post these looks to my blog every third Saturday of the month. We will start this month’s post on April 18th. 

Want to join the fun? Upload your looks online and mention me (Facebook: Marcia Craggett or Instagram: ms_fash) to show off what outfits you put together. I can’t wait to see your looks!