I Haven't Lost it, I Just Gained It


“Have you seen Marcy? Dang, she gained weight,” That sentence has hovered over my life and stopped me from doing things. Just thinking that sentence could be said among my college and high school friends who haven’t seen me over the years has stopped me from attending certain college and high school alumni events and has stopped me from ever posting full body pictures of myself on social media outlets. This may also be the reason why I have not had a very successful weight loss journey so far. 

I recently read an article in Prevention Magazine that said "If you don't fully accept and respect your current body, you will never treat it as the most precious gift that has ever been given to you." So I have decided not to call this a “weight loss journey,” but a self-acceptance journey.

My first order of business is to stop hiding behind selfies and get in front of the camera. Yes, I have gained weight. Who hasn't? I am certainly not the first person to inflate a little, and I won't be the last. My second order of business will be changing how I imagine that sentence will go. I think I will change it to "Have you seen Marcy? She’s has gained weight, but she carries it oh so well." 

Now when my friends say "Get in the picture,” my brain won't be filled with worries of what people will say or think. I will be able to jump in without hesitation or reservations because I have chosen to let it all hang out today.