My Thighs Thank Lane Bryant

It was the summer of 1994 and all I wanted to do was watch Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts, over and over. And I did.

Obsessed over the opening scene where Vivian is getting dressed (Yes, the scene were she is zipping up her patent leather thigh high boots) I remember thinking those boots are so were sexy, and I had to get a pair when I grew up.

Fast forward to me as an adult, blessed with thick calves and thighs, this task was quite difficult. Until I stumbled across these Lane Bryant wide leg thigh high boots on Naturally Fashionable's blog page. I ordered them and they fit perfectly.

So readers, if you are like myself and your legs are wider than most, I encourage you to check these boots on Lane Bryant's website. And to Lane Bryant, thanks for allowing me a chance to live out my Pretty Woman fantasy.