More Bang for Your Buck!!!

Outfit:  Ava and Viv @ Target

Outfit:  Ava and Viv @ Target

I am typically a dress, romper and jumper type of girl, but recently I tried my hand at purchasing two piece outfits, and I must say,"I officially love them!!!!"

Now don't get me wrong, I will always love my one piece outfits due to their convenience. However, separate pieces have given me what my wardrobe needs and that is options.


By buying pieces that can be mixed and matched, it allows you to stretch the items in your wardrobe a little further. Take, for instance, this Ava and Viv two pieces set plus this tee shirt I bought from Target; these 3 separate pieces allowed me to create 6 different outfit options by pairingthem with items I already own.


So, next time when you are in a shopping mood I encourage you to avoid the one pieces for now, and reach for those separates.  I promise your closet and wallet will thank you, mine sure did!!!!!!

Check out how I paired these items and until next time stay fly.